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Zeus juice premium quality e-liquid


Zeus juice e liquid 

One of the top selling e liquids in the uk with a massive following due to the consistent high quality e liquid produced by zeus juice and the ever growing range of flavours .it started out with paul curtis creating an e liquid called black astaire "blackcurrant,menthol " which became so popular it was put into production and brought to the public its now called the black and as popular as ever.the zeus juice range has grown to 25 awesome flavours and still growing.these e liquids are the max vg range in 10ml tpd compliant bottles available in 3mg or 6 mg nicotine strengths 

flavour profiles.

The black,blackcurrant with a hint of menthol: the black reloaded,same as the black but supercharged: angel kiss,tropical fruits lime pineapple mango and passion fruit, Aphrodite,lime sherbert,atlantis,blue raspberry slush,bunny boy blue,blueberry and vanilla cream,chimera, fruits with a smooth creamy base,death by bunny,strawberries & cream,dimpleberry,heisenberg on steroids,dodoberry,magical mix of berries,double dragon,very fruity with a touch of eucalyptus,dragons claw,pitaya ,strawberry and anise,eros,strawberry cheesecake,god of war,raspberry with mint,hydra,citrus fruits & menthol,medusa,orange lemon & anise,monkberry,banana & strawberry combo,phoenix tears,menthol with a hint of lemon,poseidon,refreshing watermelon,raspbunny,raspberry blended with cream,rhubarb & custard,based on the old red & yellow sweets,sour apple,crisp green apple with added sour,tooth fairy,sweet mix of fruits ,dragons blood,a mix of dark berries  anise and a cool kick


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