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twelve monkeys e liquid 50ml short fills


twelve monkeys e-liquid is a premium e-liquid line that brings you some of the best tasting flavours on the market using only the highest quality ingredients and an artisanal production process whilst still at a very reasonable price. all the twelve monkeys range are made in Canada and pre- steeped for two weeks prior to bottling to give a more consistent flavour, all our range are high vg with a minimum 70/30 vg pg ratio and omg nicotine presented in 50ml short fill oversized bottles to enable you to add nic shots if desired


flavour profile

kanzi ;  strawberries watermelon and a hint of kiwi sure to please the fruit connoisseur - 80/20 vg pg

matata ;  big bold grape on the inhale followed by a smooth ripe apple exhale - 80/20 vg pg

macaraz; French macaron nutty almonds and a raspberry filling - 70/30 vg pg

tropika ; exotic tropical fruits citrus and mixed berries - 90/10 vg pg

o-rangz ; a marriage of lemony fruits with wheaty cereal and creamy milk - 80/20 vg pg

mangabeys ; pineapple grape and mango - 80/20 vg pg

bonogurt ; a luscious melody of mixed berries rounded off with a creamy and tart yogurt - 80/20 vg pg

congo cream ; two distinctly different creamy vanillas to enhance the taste of fresh strawberries- 70/30 vg pg

hakuna ; a selection of juicy apples Fuji and granny smith with a cranberry finish-70/30

harambae ; a tangy citrus unison of grapefruit ,lemon and lime,blood orange with a refreshing guava finish-80/20

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